British Audio Service is an authorized warranty and non-warranty repair center for over 70 brands of amplifiers, pro-audio, and stringed instruments. Listed below are the brands we service:

Amps we service...

Kemper Profiler  Fender Marshall
Vox Orange Blackstar
Laney Bugera Bogner
Egnater Music Man
EVH Jackson Crate
Peavey Trace Elliot Ampeg
Gallien-Krueger Line 6 Sunn
Traynor HI Watt Matchless
Morgan Paul Reed Smith Eden
Hayden Roland Gibson
SWR Randall

Pro-Audio we service...

 Korg Universal Audio MOOG
Modal Adam Audio Two Notes
Roland Yamaha Behringer
Focal Wharfedale Pro Gibson Pro-Audio
KRK Echoplex Tannoy
Turbosound Midas Klark-Teknik
TC Electronic TC Helicon Line 6
Samson QSC Mackie
Crest Audio Beyerdynamic Purple Audio
Boomerang Lexicon HK Audio
Dave Smith Instruments Oberheim Nord
KV2 Audio Alto Harbinger
JL Audio Reloop Allen & Heath
BOSS Digitech Total Audio Concepts
Tapco Edirol Electro-Voice


Stringed Instruments we service...

We service all guitars and basses that come through our door, so if you don't see your brand listed, feel free to send an email to

Fender (Silver)  Gibson Taylor (Silver)
Martin Vintage® Guitars Eleven Guitars
Gretsch (Silver) Jackson (Silver) Charvel (Silver)
Ernie Ball/Music Man Larivee Tanglewood
Epiphone Vox EVH
Line 6 Variax Paul Reed Smith Chapman Guitars
Peavey Washburn Fret King®
Laka Rickenbacker