Diagnostic Fee ​- A diagnostic fee of $60 is required for all gear being checked in for repair. Our hourly repair rates differ depending on the gear you wish to have repaired.

 Rush Services - We offer two levels of Rush Services. Rush services require a pre-approval amount; level 1 - $250, level 2 - $350. This helps us keep the rush repair line turn-around quick. 

  • Level 1 Rush $50: This level rush service covers most guitar amps (Tube & Solid State), Most passive speakers
  • Level 2 Rush: $100: This level rush service covers any powered speakers/subwoofers, studio monitors, studio equipment, synthesizers, keyboards, electric pianos, and mixers.


Hourly Rates

  • $85/hr - Most guitar amps (Tube & Solid State) & passive speakers
  • $95/hr - Most powered speakers and medium sized mixers (powered and unpowered),  some studio monitors and studio equipment
  • $120/hr - Most digital synthesizers, keyboards, electric pianos, studio equipment, and larger mixers/consoles.