Kemper Remote "Big Stage" Mod

  • Kemper Remote "Big Stage" Mod - British Audio

Kemper Remote "Big Stage" Mod


Inspired by Chuck Garric of Alice Cooper and Beasto Blanco...

Chuck Garric of Alice Cooper with his new British Audio Big Stage Mod for his Kemper Profiler Remote - British Audio

Chuck Garric - Kemper Profiler Remote Big Stage Mod - British Audio

Chuck came to us with needs for his Kemper to go further than anyone has pushed it before. Since he regularly plays the "big stage" his needs for a more durable and economical solution began to present themselves to him. He came to us to have his Kemper modded to fit our more rugged remote cable and its ability to withstand the rigours of being on tour. Back on the road he went with his freshly modded Kemper but, another problem arose. The lengthy run of cable between the Kemper and Remote was causing issues with the Kemper Profiler Remote. This is where we came in! When using cables longer than 36ft the voltage drop across the ethernet cable was too great and the Remote would no longer boot. 

Our "Big Stage" mod fully fixes this issue! By adding a power supply jack you can now run your Kemper Profiler Remote from an external 9 to 18VDC 500+mA supply. The DC jack is a center negative connection so it will be compatible with most available pedal power supplies. When a shorter cable is used, the Kemper Remote will still be able to be fully powered by the Profiler Head over the standard ethernet connection.

With this mod you will now be able to use cables up to 100 meters in length using the external power adapter. If you need a power supply click here.


    1. This is the location of the 9 to 18 VDC jack that will be added to your remote. It can be seen pictured next to the Remote Cable Ethercon Jack.
    2. This mounting screw will not be found on a stock Profiler Remote. This mounting screw supports the board we install into your remote in order to allow operation from an external power supply.