Electro-Harmonix Hum Debugger Hum Eliminator Pedal

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Electro-Harmonix Hum Debugger Hum Eliminator Pedal



From EHX: 

Every musician battles hum in their signal chain. The Hum Debugger turns it into dead silence, courtesy of a little EHX magic. Not a noise gate, and not a noise suppressor -- but a real hum extractor. Silence is golden.

About this product

Product Information
Reduce interference from electronic gear and enjoy crystal-clear electric guitar sound with thee Electro-Harmonix XO Hum Debugger hum eliminator pedal. This pedal keeps that humming noise coming from your amp at bay.

Basic controls and an LED signal light make this pedal easy to use. Choose from two different modes to keep the audio from your guitars clean and clear. Standard single-coil pickups found on most electric guitars are simple and efficient at picking up sound, but they can also pick up interference from radio waves and other electronic equipment in your surroundings. This is due to the fact that the coils in the pickups are similar to radio antennae and are designed to pick up subtle signals from your guitar strings. These noises then feed through your cables and come out of your amp as a humming noise. Hums can be incredibly disruptive to your music, and even effects, such as distortion and overdrive, can be unlistenable when there is an unwanted hum coming through the background.

Unlike a noise gate, which removes certain frequencies from the audio spectrum, the Hum Debugger hum eliminator pedal uses a scanner to eliminate humming at its source. It effectively suppresses hums, resulting in a clear tone. This comes in handy for both performance and studio settings. The Hum Debugger pedal comes with a 7.5 AC 400 power supply, which is compatible with any standard wall outlet. The power adapter plugs into an AC jack at the top of the device. Simply plug the pedal into a wall outlet and use 1/4-inch patch cables to connect it to your guitar and amplifier. The EHX Hum Debugger pedal has two usage modes. Normal mode scans odd harmonics and suppresses them from your amp playback. Normal mode is effective in most playing situations. However, if there are a lot of electronic devices in the immediate area, you can switch on Strong mode. Strong mode cuts both even and odd harmonics from your audio. You can switch between the two modes using a simple toggle switch.

An LED light at the top of the device tells you when the pedal is active. The Hum Debugger guitar effects pedal is compatible with a variety of accessories. You can use it with any electric guitar or amp model, and you can also combine it with other effects pedals. You can connect multiple accessories and guitar pedals to one another through a process called “chaining.” If you want to chain your Hum Debugger pedal to other effects pedals or processors, simply connect the output cable to the next pedal in the chain using a 1/4-inch patch cable.

For ideal noise reduction results, this pedal should be the first in your chain. To operate the Hum Debugger pedal, simply use your foot to turn the switch on and off. If the pedal is off, the light does not turn on and the electronic signals from your guitar simply bypass the device.
  • Model: Hum Debugger
  • Type: Hum Eliminator
  • True bypass
  • Absolutely eliminates hum from any audio source
  • Tough and compact die-cast chassis
  • 7.5AC-400 power supply included
  • Dimensions in inches: 4.0 (w) x 4.75 (l) x 2.25 (h)