BluGuitar Remote 1 Foot Controller for Amp1d

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BluGuitar Remote 1 Foot Controller for Amp1d


When you use the BluGuitar Remote1 with your BluGuitar Amp1 you are unleashing the full capabilities of this advanced guitar amp technology. Store your custom tailored presets in the 4 banks available. You can also use the Remote1 as a full MIDI controller for all external MIDI effects and commands. The Remote1 also features the highly sought after PowerSoak which allows you to play cranked amp tones at low volume without sacrificing the tone. If you own a BluGuitar Amp1, this is an essential piece of gear!

BluGuitar Remote1 Foot Controller Features:

  • Remote foot controller for Amp1 guitar amplifier
  • Allows you to store 36 custom Amp1 presets in 4 banks of 9 presets for instant recall
  • Offers access to all Amp1 functions including channel switching, Boost, Reverb, and effects loop settings
  • Amazingly rugged, with all-metal construction and robust knobs
  • Adjustable and switchable Master Volume
  • PowerSoak allows you to reduce Amp1's wattage for cranked-amp tones at lower volume levels
  • MIDI output to control MIDI-equipped effects pedals and processors
  • Add Looper Kit (not included) to add four switchable effects loops
  • Connects to Amp1 with any 1/4" TS cable (instrument cable or speaker cable)