Victory V40H Deluxe

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  • Victory V40H Deluxe, cream colored head with tan leather corners and handle, front photo
  • Victory V40H Deluxe, cream colored head with tan leather corners and handle, front photo
  • Victory V40H Deluxe, cream colored head with tan leather corners and handle, backside photo

Victory V40H Deluxe

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Victory V40H Deluxe

The award-winning V40 The Duchess, evolved with valve-driven spring reverb and tremolo

The Victory V40 Deluxe lives up to its name in stunning cream vinyl over traditional wooden cabinets with leather corners and handle for a modern-boutique look. You can expect classic American cleans through to pushed tweedy grit and on to driven British blues-rock. Choose between 1x12 combo or head & cab.

This is one for the 'feel' players: a boutique-standard tone machine for home, studio and stage.

Single Channel & Voice Switch

​Go from vintage-style Californian tones with single coils, through to a driven mid-’60s British drive all in one channel. Voice II strengthens the midrange at the input for more punch and cut. Compared with V40 The Duchess, V40 Deluxe has slightly more brightness and 'air' overall; a step or two away from mid-Atlantic Duchess towards Californian Deluxe.

 Mid Kick

​This works in conjunction with the Middle pot to boost midrange frequencies in the EQ section. The more you push the Middle pot, the more it pushes overdriven sounds, especially with humbuckers. Overall you'll find slightly more overdrive and compression at maximum gain than in the Compact Series V40 The Duchess.

 Valve-Driven Spring Reverb

​V40 Deluxe benefits from a valve-driven-and-recovered long-tank spring reverb, for authentic, vintage-style ’verb. We've also included a Tone pot on the reverb that enables you to go from smooth, dark ambience to much more bright and 'springy' sounds. The reverb is also footswitchable on and off.

 Valve-Driven Tremolo

​Tremolo was one of the first ever guitar effects that's been put to stunning use in everything from blues, rock'n'roll, country, rock, Americana, pop and much more. Given V40 The Deluxe's vintage leanings, it was a shoe-in for inclusion here. Try it with a ton of reverb and wonder how you ever lived without it!

 Low Power Mode

You'll find a switch on the rear panel offering a low-power mode for around 7 watts. This works brilliantly for home and studio use, not to mention for those of you on quiet stages with in-ears. Or… just max out the amp and bask in that extra low-volume drive and incredible compression.

 Series Effects Loop

​The hard bypass-able effects loop enables you to use delays, reverbs etc after the preamp section of the amp to keep them clean sounding. V40 Deluxe uses a post-phase-inverter master volume, so if they aren't as clear as you like, try lowering the mix/output of the pedal, especially as you turn the amp master up.

Victory V40 Deluxe key features & specifications:

  • Format:  Single-channel head
  • Power: 42 Watts high power / 7 watts low power
  • Valves: 2 x 12AX7, 2 x 12AT7, 2 x 6L6
  • Size (mm): Head - 480(w) x 235(h) x 235(d)
  • Weight: 12.5kg / 27.5lbs

    Extra features: 

    • Footswitchable spring reverb with tone control
    • Output bias tremolo
    • Mid Kick switch
    • Voice I & II switch
    • Series effects loop with hard bypass
    • External bias test points and adjustment
    • Dual-button footswitch for Tremolo & Reverb ON/OFF
    • Slip cover included
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