• Deposit Policy:

All amplifiers and pro-audio equipment require a non-refundable half hour deposit of $42.50 plus TN tax. The deposit is applied to your first half hour of labor. ALL electronic repairs are a minimum of one (1) hour. Our repair rate is $85/hour for amplifiers and $120/hour for pro audio, mixers (above 16 channels) and pianos/synths. The deposit will place your equipment in a queue that is currently at 8-9 weeks to make it to a bench.


  • Rush Policy:

Our Rush service requires a Pre-Approval to ensure your unit gets repaired properly and in a timely manor without wait times from missed phone calls and voicemail. This keeps our Rush Service turnaround times at a minimum to get your gear back to you by the time you need it.

  • Warranty:

British Audio technicians stand behind their work. All repairs come standard with a 30 Day guarantee against any issues relating to the original repair. We believe that all of our customers deserve the highest quality in customer service and repairs. 


  • Storage Fees:

If you are unable to pick up your gear upon repair completion, simply submit payment for your invoice and you will not incur storage fees within 90 days. After 90 days have elapsed, storage fees will be $3.00 per day.

Conversely, unpaid invoices will incur storage fees and interest charges after a 30 day grace period.