Marshall 2245THW Handwired Head "JTM45"

The all-valve 2245THW is a hand soldered re-issue of the extremely rare ‘Bluesbreaker®’ head, based on the archetypal JTM45™ head, which was the amp that began it all back in 1962. As you would expect, the specifications for the 2245THW are identical to the 1962HW™ ‘Bluesbreaker’ combo, minus the speakers of course. Inside the 2245THW the valve set is four ECC83, with two KT66 in the power stage and a GZ34 rectifier.

It’s the GZ34 rectifier that helps create the sublime output stage compression and clean sustain associated with the ‘Bluesbreaker’ head. To make the 2245HW as authentic as possible, we have used original thickness, original pitch matrix, point to point tag boards. As with the ‘Bluesbreaker’ combo, the 2245THW features valve-driven Tremolo.

*Showroom demo products may not have original boxes and packaging. Demo units do come with full factory warranty.