Marshall 1962HW "Bluesbreaker" Showroom Demo*

The hand-soldered, all-valve 1962HW is a faithful recreation of the classic Series II 1962, 2 x 12” combo. This legendary 30 Watt, two-channel amp was born in 1965 and was famously used by Eric Clapton on one of the most influential blues albums, John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, in 1966 – hence the 1962’s commonly used ‘Bluesbreaker®’ nickname.
The 1962HW’s circuit topology is taken from the first production run of the amp: four ECC83, two KT66 in the power stage and a GZ34 rectifier. It’s the GZ34 rectifier that helps create the joyous output stage compression and clean sustain associated with the 60s ‘Bluesbreaker’. And to accommodate the KT66 power valves, this re-issue has bigger cabinet dimensions, much closer to the original Series II. This makes the 1962HW sonically closer to the original than any other re-issue.
And to make the 1962HW as authentic as possible we have used original thickness, original pitch matrix, point to point tag boards and we have used valve-driven Tremolo.
Of course, the speakers are a vital part of the sound, and the 1962HW is loaded with a pair of 25 Watt, 12” Celestion® G12-C Greenbacks.

**This is a showroom demo model and has been priced as such.**

*Showroom demo products may not have original boxes and packaging. Demo units do come with full factory warranty.