Marshall Handwired 1958X

The 1958X is a hand-soldered reissue of the revered 1958, 18 Watt all-valve 2 x 10" combo. A painstakingly accurate reissue, the 1958X is a plain, straightforward amp that likes to be turned right up, overdriving its EL84 power valves; the 1958X sounds its best when cranked, producing harmonically complex and full, rich tones. But because of its lower Wattage, the 1958X will produce incredible authentic Marshall tone at a volume that won't shift your hearing. For real authenticity, the 1958X also features valve-driven Tremolo, and just like the 1973X, has no negative feedback in its cathode-biased output stage. The original Greenback speakers used in the 1958 combo would mature over time, their sound softening with age. The special 10" Celestion G10F-15 Greenbacks in the 1958X have been 'aged' to get as close as possible to that vintage, worn in, '60s vibe.

**This is a showroom demo model and has been priced as such. Showroom demo products may not come with the original packaging, but still include the full factory warranty.

Marshall 1958X Specifications:

  • Accurate reissue of the legendary 1962 amplifier, a '60s rock legend
  • Handwired in the U.K.
  • 18 watts
  • 2 x 10" Celestion G10F-15 Greenbacks
  • 2 x EL84 and 1 x EZ81 Tubes
  • Tube-driven tremolo circuit